The Chapel Pavilion Project will be an opportunity for our students to immerse themselves in the rich history and traditions of the King's School. Through educational programs of christian community, character development, leadership, humility and service. 

This important space will allow our community to come together to celebrate significant life events.

The Chapel Pavilion Project provides immersive learning opportunities within the Heritage precinct of the school.  Three distinct zones have been created for learning, gathering and reflection. 

With the Chapel at the heart, the spaces will ignite curiosity to explore, inspire learning and provide opportunities to reflect and connect with nature.

Together, the spaces comprise a Kingsman's Journey where the stories of King's are told. As we journey together towards the 2031 bicentenary, this is an opportunity to make your mark in the history of King's - Australia's oldest independent school.

There is much at King's which has been achieved through the generosity of the King's community. The facilities which current boys and staff enjoy are largely the result of the generosity of generations which have invested in our boys and their School. The King's School of today is the result of longstanding philanthropic commitment by many.

The Chapel Pavilion project is no small undertaking. Architects estimate that the construction costs will be in the vicinity of $3million. This is the target of our Appeal.