Change A Young Man's Destiny 

One of the most profound impacts one can have is to invest in the education of a young person. Great schools are characterised by being able to enrol students of high potential from all walks of life. Your generosity can enable students to benefit from the unique experience of a King's education when their financial means would otherwise have prevented them from doing so.

As part of that continuing tradition, we have opened a new appeal to fund a scholarship for a boy with leadership potential, intellectual curiosity and a passion for cultural & artistic pursuits, to benefit from a King's education. The new award is intended to honour Old Boy and former Master, Housemaster and Governor of the School Council Mr Jonathan Persse ('52).

Jonathan Persse has been a major contributor to the intellectual, artistic, and cultural life of the School. As a teacher, house master and mentor, Jonathan made a distinguished contribution to the lives of a generation of Kingsmen between 1962 and 1998. Including his formation of the Cartesian Club in 1966. 

King's Pledge 2018

In order to realise the objective of funding a scholarship in perpetuity that requires a significant corpus, we seek your support to make a financial contribution, which is tax deductible, so that you can share in changing a young man's destiny. Your generosity will help boys to attend our School and have every opportunity to reach their potential. To go on to make a contribution to the world in the best tradition of the School and its Old Boys.